Healing Bands

In these works Hanibal Srouji aims at liberating the canvas of the force of gravity the pushes us to see the work of art in a unique sense. Consequently opening the possibilities to “play” with the works and to see them not only in the manner that the artist proposes them; but also as the spectator can imagine them to be… Thus, they are an invitation to enter in the “Game” of “re-creation”!

Srouji considers Art, in general, and the artistic creation, in particular, as a way to personal liberation first and collective then after…

The element of “Play” is especially important. It is underlying and implicit in his work. It is at the root of all creative processes. It is also the escape, a positive path out, when the world around him had become unbearably violent and hostile. In a way, Hanibal Srouji uses “play” to re-create the “coherent” world that was taken away from him. “Play” to tackle the collective memory of 15 years of social chaos. “Play” as a lucid dance between life and death, a light uplifting dance. “Play” which opens doors to exchange and communication that goes beyond cultural barriers. Along these tracks, these works remain autobiographical as they are a result of converging forces, encounters, events and people; where “paths” crossed.

In these works, the compositions are extremely delicate and well thought formally. Although the spectator may have the impression of immediacy, as if the works were done on the spot and in a very short time. They remain the outcome of a slow construction process of diverse elements. Using fragments of childhood memories, simple references to natural elements, signs and significant marks to create a harmonious visual space, where parts are complete, yet in their multiple, they complete the whole.

Each “band” endeavors to stand on its own, yet, it stands stronger with the others, with all their contradictions. If there is a message here, it is obvious: “Together we thrive…”.

Somehow, these “bands” make reference to the soul of people who Srouji qualifies as “luminous people”: Simple human beings who work in the positive sense in this world to whom he dedicates this series.

Toile libre  -   10  x   223 cm x 23 cm    -  Acrylique et Feu sur toile.